The most important political office is that of the private citizen.
Louis D. Brandeis

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The mental health system in North Carolina is a terrible mess. The “reform” of the North Carolina mental health care system, which includes people with developmental disabilities and addiction, has resulted in chaos.

The mental health care crisis in North Carolina is causing untold suffering in patients, consumers and their families.

The crisis results in an enormous loss of earning potential and interferes with our children’s education. People who need treatment are flooding our emergency rooms and filling our jails and prisons.

In the face of all this, more and more of our tax dollars are being moved from actual treatment to funding a failing and mismanaged government bureaucracy.

We are all paying the price.

Incredibly, our state leaders have been indifferent to this serious problem and have been unwilling to do anything about this mental health care crisis. With a few notable exceptions, there has been a real failure of leadership.

Join Together, we will be heard. seeks to unite all North Carolinians who care about mental health and responsible government into one strong voice that will be heard by politicians in Raleigh. We will make the mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse system in North Carolina an issue that candidates in the 2008 election cannot ignore.

Whether you are person with a mental illness, developmental disability or addiction, a family member or friend, a mental health professional, or a just concerned citizen who cannot stand to watch the mental health system in North Carolina fall apart any longer, we need your help.

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