The most important political office is that of the private citizen.
Louis D. Brandeis

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How Can I Help?

Join us. The more of us there are, the more clout we have and the more candidates will have to pay attention to what we are saying. In a close election, the NCMentalHealth Vote could be a deciding factor.

Spread the word locally.
Tell your family and friends, your local Mental Health providers and advocacy groups about! Encourage them to join! You can download, print and distribute our information sheet.
Talk to your candidate; ask them questions; write a letter to the editor. Let the candidates in the 2008 election know that the failing mental health system in NC is an issue they must address and offer solutions for, a critical problem that they must fix if they are to be elected.

Tell us your story and your ideas to make things better. Email us at or go to our Blog.
Donate. Funds will be used to get the word out, to improve and maintain our website, to print bumper stickers, pamphlets and other informational items. As more people join and momentum builds, we can sponsor candidate forums for mental health and even buy newspaper, radio and TV ads.
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