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Louis D. Brandeis

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Documents and Committee Minutes

  • General Assembly's Report on Community Support Services - 7-6-09
  • June 4th NC House Health and Human Services Subcommittee Report on Proposed Cuts to Mental Health Budget - 6-4-09
  • Budget Cuts for Health and Human Services - 5-28-2009
  • NC Disability Rights to hold Rally for Improving the State Psychiatric Hospitals - 1-22-2009
  • DHHS Report on the Albemarle LME - 1-06-2009
  • Governor-Elect Perdue Mental Health Transition Advisory Group Report - 11-24-2008
  • Central Regional Hospital Inspection Report 12-02-2008
  • Latest analysis of the state's mental health system from the John Locke Foundation
  • Indicators of the Impact of North Carolina‚Äôs "Mental Health Reform" on People with Severe Mental Illness
  • DHHS Complaint on the Dix Closing
  • Response to the Medical-Psychological staff letter dated September 19, 2008, citing concerns regarding the planned move of the Dorothea Dix Hospital (DDH) patients to the new Central Regional Hospital (CRH)
  • Letter from Dix Professional Staff expressing concerns about Dix Closing
  • Report from the General Assembly Program Evaluation Division on the failures of Mental Health Reform
  • NC State Performance Audit - Oversight of the Mental Health Services - July 2008
  • Hospital Management and Operations Advisory Committee Report
  • Crisis Services Advisory Committee Report
  • Dorothea Dix Medical-Psychological Staff Letter concerning move to Central Regional Hospital
  • Legislative Oversight Committee Draft Bill for the Legislature
  • Legislative Oversight Committee Report
  • MHDDSAS Proposal for the Legislature
  • April 2008 Mental Health System Indicators
  • Deadly Transitions: A Devastating Breakdown in Discharge Planning - A Report from Disability Rights North Carolina
  • Independent Evaluation of the Performance of Local Management Entities - 4-3-08
  • Hospital Management and Operations Work Group minutes - 3-04-08
  • Hospital Management and Operations Work Group minutes - 2-19-08
  • Crisis Services Work Group minutes - 2-19-08
  • Crisis Services Work Group minutes - 2-05-08
  • Crisis Services Work Group minutes - 1-22-08
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